The Most Anticipated NFT Drop!


The Most Anticipated NFT Drop!

NFTs + REITZENSTEIN's 50 Year Career in Visual Art


Making Art History

Artist since 1971

World Wide Audience

Over 400 Exhibitions

Public Collections

Multi Layer Image
Multi Layer Image

Analogue Empathy

"I was born into the O.G. analogue world.

But that was then, NFTs are now!


The GOLD Package. One and ONLY NFTREE With the Original Art Mailed to You.

It's here! Starting April 30th, get my NFTs on OpenSea! 

NFTREE Gold Collection

This is a true rare gem. Drawn by hand as I always do with all of my inverted tree, then digitally enhanced for the new NFT world! Only one available in this collection. Don't miss your opportunity to own the rare art by REITZENSTEIN. 

You will receive the Original (BLACK AND WHITE) art by REITZENSTEIN when you purchase the GOLD Package.


REITZENSTEIN's  NFT’s interconnect images of nature with the nature of images. REITZENSTEIN has been working with digital imaging technologies since the early 90s in combination with his analogue practice.

REITZENSTEIN is creating his NFTs to animate the formation of inclusive bridges between our familiar tactile environments and the cutting edge digital landscapes forming all around us.

In defining the movement Allegorical Minimalism, REITZENSTEIN concedes his own identity within this epic body of work, and hopes to create an opportunity for the multiplicity of global perspectives flourishing all around us to champion one another.

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